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Expo B Assignments

Here are the assignments for Expo B!

Table Team
1 Infinity Keyboard
2 Knowitall
3 FeelTheMusic
4 Thomas J Meehan Scholarship Fund
5 Highest Followers
6 PebblePanic
7 Paradox Calculator
8 Block Unlock
9 Fake My Fact
10 Myo Ping Pong
11 fpl
12 TypeChime
13 KwikThinker
14 SimpleScribe
15 Virtual Builder
16 Multicolor Mover
17 Explore.mp3
18 Speak For Me
19 MStream
20 HDB (Hacky DeBugger)
21 HackRPI_2014_project
22 Okiru (Wake up)
23 Attack Wagon™
24 TiMan
25 LeapTalkForGood
26 EndToOne
27 Kollide.me
28 Coat for Arms
29 PyHtml2OneNote
30 Connecting Interests (Research Portal)
31 EventUs
32 HiFive!

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Submissions are reopened temporarily. If your project was not submitted on time submit NOW and you will be in Expo B. If you are submitting now come to the volunteer room and make sure we have you on the expo list.

The following projects are only drafts, please submit them ASAP so sponsors can see you on challengepost:

Infinity Keyboard

Any other projects being submitted come talk to someone in the volunteer room DCC 232.

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Expo Assignements

Hey Hackers!

Hacking is OVER, if you have not submitted on ChallengePost yet submit RIGHT NOW. All projects have been assigned a table number. Expo A will go first and Expo B will follow. Head over to your table in the great hall right now if you are in expo A. Here are the assignments for expo A:

1 ChinesePoker
2 Guiser
3 AllergySmart
4 PuzzleGen
5 MuSync
6 FactBlaster
7 Riftmash
8 Potable
9 MasterMind (Joshua-Chin)
10 SnapText
11 Ping
12 Pandora's Key
13 MasterMind (BlueMist)
14 Class Hack
15 Oculus Box Grab
16 What's Up
17 SwagTracker
18 PhonemeFinder
19 Deep Though Uber-Computer
20 Workflow
21 Bailar
22 MentorMe
23 NotYourNews
24 Artistic Tools for Musical Composition
25 Swarm
26 Stock Market PE Analyzer…

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